Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dambakola Patuna

Dambakola Patuna or Jambukola Patuna is an ancient port in the north of Jaffna which was used during pre christian times. After Arahath Mahinda brought Bhuddhism to Sri Lanka in 250BC, his sister, Theri Sanghamitta arrived in Sri Lanka with a Sacred Bo Sapling one year later to this port. The temple Samudda-panasala ( Jambukola Viharaya) was built commemorating the arrival of the Bo sapling by King Devanampriya Tissa (250-210 BC). Later, the same king planted one of the first eight shoots of the Sri Maha Bodhi, on the same place where he kept the original tree before brining it to Anuradhapura. King Vijayabahu I (1070-1110) has restored this site.

How to get there

From Jaffna take the Kankasanthurei road (KKS Rd) and Travel up to Keerimalai Naguleswaran Kovil. The Keerimalai Natural Springs also belongs to this kovil. Between the Kovil and the Natural spring there is a road running parallel to the beach. The temple lies about 9 km from this kovil on this road.

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