Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Egg a day to Jaffna children

A project to ensure at least an egg to a child of families in Jaffna affected by malnutrition will be implemented, Kumudu Wadugedara of the Civil Affairs and Public Relations office of the Jaffna peninsula said yesterday.

He said malnutrition among the students in the peninsula is acute. He added that the Government has given complete access to the people in the Peninsula to have contact with the outside world. State and private telecom companies are operating in the Jaffna district.

The Sri Lanka Telecom has provided more than 27,000 land connections and 150,000 mobile connections to customers in the Jaffna district.

Waduge was of the opinion that the agriculture sector in the peninsula will see an unprecedented development in the coming years with the removal of the ban on fertilizers.

He said the buffer zone has been cleared of mines to enable early resettlement. According to Wadugedara, Security Forces in the Jaffna peninsular have taken an enormous effort to ensure their early resettlement.

The buffer zone which was heavily dotted with landmines and booby traps have been cleared by the Army. He said the Security Forces have initiated a number of measures to uplift the living standards of the people and a backyard poultry project is in progress to eradicate malnutrition among the children in the peninsula.

He is of the opinion that the reintegration of ex LTTE combatants to society following rehabilitation is continuing and the rehabilitation drive will end by end of this year.

Over 132 out of 213 ex-male LTTE cadres underwent extensive rehabilitation and they were released to their parents while 49 out of 67 ex-female combatants were also released by the Security Forces after rehabilitation. He is hopeful that those remaining would be rehabilitated and handed over to their parents by the end of the year.


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