Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jaffna Roundup

Drastic drop in reading habit in Jaffna

The Jaffna Library authorities yesterday said that reading habit among the students in the peninsula has seen a drastic drop and less students are seen in the reading and reference sections of the library.

They stressed on a special program for the promotion of their reading habits with special emphasis on the English language.

According to Chief Librarian, Thanabalasingham, there were queues to obtain an opportunity to enter the reference section of the library in the past but that situation is no more there.

He added that the students only focus on tutorials which are related to their studies and get through the examinations. “They are not interested in book reading any more unless it does relate to their subjects in schools”, he added. Thanabalasingham who happened to be the first librarian after the library was reconstructed, added that the schools should be responsible for this pathetic situation. He stated that the teachers are in the habit of discouraging the students in the peninsula who read books which are not related to what they study in the schools.

He said that lack of English knowledge among the people in the Jaffna is an acute problem. Thanabalasingham added that English speaking people left the Jaffna after the war started and they did not return. Thanabalasingham stated that less students read English books now. “The students who read English books or speak in English are few.

The Jaffna Public Library was built in many stages and the major wing was opened by Former Jaffna mayor Alfred Duraiappa who was assassinated by the LTTE in 1976.

He added that the collection of books donated by the widow of former Communist Party stalwart Peter Keuneman to the library is of great importance and it attracts many readers.

Thanabalasingham said the readers pay special attention to these books which have been kept in the lending section of the library.

He is of the view that the IT department of the library needs more facilities and the latest technology should be introduced to it. “The Library needs more books related to technology which is advancing day by day. Thanabalasingham added that they have some books on technology which were printed 10-15 years ago and the library should have their updated versions.

Sixty one Sinhala students for Jaffna university

Measures have been taken to admit 61 Sinhala students to the Jaffna University for the academic year 2009/2010, University Registrar V. Kandeepan told the Daily News. Of them 15 students are for the Law Faculty and 14 for the Medical Faculty, he said. The Jaffna University is a pioneer in the Medicine and Agricultural fields in Sri Lanka over last four decades. About 5000 Tamils, Muslims and Sinhala students are studying in harmony in six faculties.

Novel machine introduced
A novel machine to extract palmyrah fruit juice from the fruits has been introduced at the Palmyrah Development Society Katpakam on Kandy Road, Jaffna. The cost of this machine is Rs one lakh twenty seven thousand.

The palmyrah development society has purchased six machine. At a time it can extract juice from palmyrah fruit weighing thirty kilos in fifteen to twenty minutes.

With the extraction of palmyrah juice palmyrah jam, palmyrah cake and various other food items will be produced in abundance for sale in and out of Jaffna.

Request to rename road

The Old Boys Association of Parameshwara College, Tinnavelly now the University of Jaffna had made a request to the Jaffna Mayor to name the road that leads from Parameswara College junction to Jaffna Kankesanthurai Road as Sir P. Ramanathan road. They say that some of the present generation even the Jaffna University students are unaware that the Jaffna University was the former Parameswara College founded by the philanthrophist Sir P Ramanathan and donated to the university.

The Mayor should take steps to name the road as Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan Road in honour of the Philanthropist, they say.


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