Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jaffna Restaurants

In and around Jaffna town you can find nice restaurants that can offer you delicious food and drinks. In these restaurants you can find traditional Jaffna dishes with hot spicy taste. Also you can find Western, Chinese and Indian dishes along with spicy Srilanka dishes, which are prepared and cooked by well trained Sri Lankan Chefs.
Jaffna is a town surrounded by the sea. So there are always chances for you to get fresh seafood which can be prepared according to your taste or leave it to the chef to prepare hot spicy traditional Jaffna sea food dishes.

If you happend to be a vegetarian food lover, then Jaffna restaurants can offer you freshly picked vegetable dishes. The food is really cheap and from morning to mid night it is available all over the best Jaffna restaurants. Also you can have special Jaffna food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for special occasions.

You can find vegetarian dishes only restaurants and there you can't find even egg in their menu. Many Muslim restaurants offer Koththu rotti in the evenings and night which is a traditional Jaffna food.

Jaffna residents use rice as their main dish for lunch and bread is not included in the lunch unless you request for it. Many small tea boutiques offer bread and curries as breakfast. For dinner and breakfast they offer traditional Jaffna food at cheap rate.

As the meat, fish and vegetables are chopped small and cooked many places you won't find fork and knife in many of the restaurants, instead you will find spoon and fork. Most of the Jaffna homes use to eat by using their right hand after washing it cleanly. You too can try it to enjoy the Jaffna food eating by your hand.


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